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Finest Art Supply Brands in Pakistan

When it comes to art supplies in Pakistan, a wide range of famous brands are available that are needed to create artwork by artists of different skill levels. Names such as Faber Castell, Daler Rowney, Giotto, Maries, Canson, Derwent, Mungyo, Sakura, Stabilo, William Mitchell, Winsor & Newton, Giorgione, Cretacolor, Mont Marte, Keep Smiling, Zig, and Pelikan are among the most liked one.

Faber Castell is a well-known company that produces quality pencils, color pencils and markers which are widely used across the globe. Artists love their bright and rich colors and the fact that they go on the paper smoothly, which makes them great for drawing and sketching.

Daler Rowney has a vast catalog of paints, brushes, and canvases for its customers. Their paints in acrylic and watercolor are also quite famous due to the saturated color and the convenience of use.

Giotto is well known for children’s art materials such as paints that can be washed off and drawing pens. They do not pose any threat to the health of the users and are suitable for children who are beginning to explore their creativity.

Maries presents a wide variety of art materials and tools that are relatively cheap, such as oil paints, acrylics, and watercolor sets. They are considered to be very reliable and affordable.

Canson is renowned for its fine art paper products that include sketch books, watercolor books, and mixed media books, making it popular amongst artists and drawing enthusiasts at all levels.

Derwent is a company that produces high-quality pencils and pastels that are used by professionals. It is used by artists because it never disappoints when it comes to producing fine art work with intricate detailing.

Mungyo is the most famous and is known for soft pastels and oil pastels, offering rich and vibrant colors and easy blending.

Sakura offers assortment of fineliners, gel pens and brush pens with high quality. Among them, Pigma Micron pens by Pentel are widely used among illustrators and designers.

Lyra is famous for its high quality pencils and crayons that meet the needs of artists, students, and other consumers.

Stabilo provides a variety of markers and pen that can be used for drawing and writing. Some of their fine tipped markers are ideal for doing detailed work.

William Mitchell is a company that focuses on calligraphy and drawing inks, which means the company offers artists high-quality products that will help them create precise artwork with vivid colors.

Winsor & Newton is a high-end brand specializing in artistic materials, particularly paints and brushes. The company’s oil paints and watercolors are considered some of the best in the art world.

Giorgione products include canvases and brushes for painting which are well known for their reasonable prices while at the same time being of high quality.

CretaColor is well known for its charcoal and graphite products that provides artists with the right materials to produce excellent black and white artwork.

Mont Marte offers various art accessories such as easels, canvases and paint sets which are ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Keep Smiling offers affordable art materials without having to sacrifice quality. These are ideal for newbies and enthusiasts.

Zig is famous for producing quality markers and pens that are ideal for calligraphy and illustrating purposes.

Pelikan has a variety of paints and drawing supplies that are known to be of high quality and reliable.

Top Brand Art Supply Price in Pakistan

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