Derwent Kneadable Eraser
Mould the eraser until soft, pull into a point so it can be used to remove areas of colour or graphite. Can be used for artistic techniques such as highlighting stippling and ghosting. Can be used in conjunction with all...
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Derwent Procolour Pencil Set
Vibrant, highly pigmented color, smooth laydown with a texture that has the covering power of wax yet glides like an oil Strong core which maintains a Sharp point for detailed drawing without losing the vibrancy of color Unique formulation which...
from Rs.2,395
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Derwent Lightfast Colored Pencil Set
Derwent Lightfast pencils have been formulated to be 100% lightfast. The revolutionary core is resistant to prolonged colour change ensuring artwork will not fade for up to 100 years under museum conditions.
from Rs.2,490
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Derwent Soft Graphite Color Pencil Tin Pack Of 12
Professional quality graphite pencils, Perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages Strips sharpen to a good long-lasting point Ideal for fine detailed illustrations or adding shading and texture Superb blending and smudging Perfect for adding fine detail or...
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Derwent Metallic Watercolour Pencils Tin Pack Of 12
Derwent Metallic Pencils add brilliant definition and highlights to your work; matte metallic colors; 12 pack Add a light metallic wash to dissolve the pigment further; pre-sharpened with a sure hexagonal grip Metallic tin of 12 pencils contains the following...
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Derwent Graphite Soft HB Pencil Pack Of 12
3.5mm for soft degrees with a hexagonal 6.9mm barrel Pencils sharpen to a good point Price is for 1 Pencil
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Derwent Artists Colored Pencils Set of 120
Rich, deep aquamarine barrel has an elegantly curved, double-dipped end Large diameter strip allows naturally broad strokes and strong lines Slightly waxed texture for easy blending and shading Good lightfastness; break resistant Full range of 120 colors for hours of...
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Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencil Tin Pack Of 12
The dramatic beauty of charcoal with just a hint of colour: Professional quality charcoal drawing pencils in a range of muted shades Perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages Ideal for adding coloured details and accents to charcoal...
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Derwent Pastel Skin tone Color Pencils Set Of 12
Ideal for creating crisp, fine lines and detailed pastel features Layer colors on top of each other to create new tints and hues Pencil glides effortlessly across the paper, producing a velvety hue Pastels produce a smooth, full-bodied, powdery finish...
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Derwent Pastel Grey Shades Set Of 6
Blocks have a creamy consistency and smudge easily with uniform softness Firm consistent texture produces minimal dusting Square shape is ideal for both fine and detail and broad, expressive strokes So versatile they can be used wet or dry, or...
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Derwent Drawing Color Pencil Blister Pack Of 6
The colour palette of Derwent Drawing Pencils takes you right back to nature. The colours are rich and earthy and you’ll find their soft texture and the pencil’s extra wide colour strip will be a big help when you’re trying...
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Derwent Charcoal Pencil Medium Pack Of 12
Paras Art Fever Derwent Medium Charcoal Pencil Black Extra smooth Great for drawing Easy to sharpen Perfect for beginners Made in England
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Derwent Fine Art Burnisher Pencil
The Derwent Burnisher is a hard colourless pencil which when used over layers of pigment provides a rich polished finish. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper and leaves a well blended, photo like finish. By sealing the image with...
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Derwent Technique Brushes Set
Professional-quality paintbrush set for creating a wide variety of marks, Perfect for professional and amateur artists of all ages Wide range of effects: Include laying down a wash over a large area, Creating fine lines to marks such as hair...
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Derwent Dual Eraser Pack
Effective erasing for all types of pencil work Soft eraser provides a gentler line for less damage to paper The art eraser works with all types of pencils Both erasers are PVC and latex free; non-toxic Pack includes one art...
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Derwent Pencil Extenders Set Of 2
Derwent Pencil Extender Set lets you use almost every bit of a pencil before having to throw it away Silver extender fits larger-size pencils up to 8mm Black extender fits standard-size pencils up to 7mm Adjustable screw fitting holds pencils...
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Derwent Scale Divider
Reduce or enlarge images in ratios from 4:1 to 1:4 Now it's easy to transfer measurements from photographs or sketches with proper scale Folds down and away Slips easily into your backpack Pinewood construction
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Derwent Multi Water Brush
Blister pack of 6 different brush designsDesigned to create a wide variety of different marksEffects include laying down a wash over a large area to fine lines to marks such as hair and grassDERWENT is a registered trademark of ACCO...
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Derwent Battery Operated Electric Eraser With Refills
Battery operated eraser includes 8 erasers; requires 2 AAA batteries (not included, Best with Polaroid AAA Batteries) Long-lasting erasers are easy to remove and replace; top-mounted on/off button is perfect for right and left-handed use; comfortable in hand Offering precision...
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Derwent XL Charcoal Set Of 6
Charcoal just got bigger and more beautiful! These blocks have all the qualities of charcoal that you love, in a chunky XL form, combine that with rich natural colours and what have you got? – An artist’s dream! The blocks...
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Derwent Watercolour Pencil Tin Pack
STURDY PRECISION – Easy to sharpen, break-resistant pencils are ideal for long periods of use. With a 3.4mm core and hexagonal barrel, you gain precision for detailed drawings. Includes 12 24 36 72 coloursWATER SOLUBLE – Combine the control of...
from Rs.2,545
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Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils Tin Pack Of 24
Get the traditional effect of charcoal with more control and less mess Charcoal particles are mixed with the finest clays and wood encased Cedar barrels contain flexible charcoal of the highest quality for scratch-free marks Tinted pencils extend creative possibilities...
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Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils Blister Pack Of 6
Charcoal’s black, right? Wrong! Meet Derwent Tinted Charcoal – charcoal with just a hint of colour! These pencils give you all the good points of charcoal pencils; they can be smudged and blended easily, you have great control and there’s...
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Derwent Charcoal Burnisher And Blender Pencil Pack Of 72
Burnisher – used over color creates a burnish (or shine) without changing the color of your artwork. Lay the burnisher down first and it can be used for “wax resist” techniques in conjunction with our softer pencils. Colorless blender –...
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