Pelikan Oil Pastel Color R2296 Pack Of 24
Material: Oil Pastel Color: Assorted Dimension (L x W x H): 8 x 1.6 x 25 cm Special Features: Soft, round oil pastel with paper sleeve, intense color, durable, non-toxic and health environmental protection. Package Included: 1 packet of 24...
Pelikan Watercolor Opaque Paint Set Of 24 Colour
Brand: Pelikan Color: Multicolor Material: Powder Type: Water Color Number Of Pieces: 24 Pieces Model Number: 4012700724649
Pelikan Round Oil Pastel Pack of 12
Pelikan 12 Color Round Oil Pastel Set. Easy to use & reliable. Makes drawing easier. Used for Art & Craft Purpose. Non Toxic. High Quality. Durable. Color: Multi Color. 12 Pieces in Box.
Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Single Piece
We love the colorful patterns on these Royal Blue ink cartridges! Ideal for children. Standard International Size (fits most pen brands). Excellent Quality. Royal Blue Ink. 6 Cartridges. In Box. Pelikan brand. Cartridge length : 38,mm approx. Cartridge diameter :...
Pelikan Stick Pro Ballpoint Pen Single Piece - Black
Pelikan Stick Pro Ball Pen. Pelikan Stick Pro Ball Pen - Businesses, no matter how tech-savvy they become, still continue to use pen and paper. So, what kind of business do you own? A set of two twist-action ball pens...
Pelikan Correction Tape Roller
Unique shape of a charmingly playful nature Ergonomic design with a finger grip - comfortable in the hand Without solvent Brilliant appearance in high-gloss white and anthracite grey A perfect grip for both right-handers and left-handers Perfect covering power on...
Pelikan Textmarker Highlighter 490 - Blue
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Pelikan Textmarker Highlighter 490 - Blue
Excellent Design "Twist-Off-cap" is easy to open Special tip for marking in 3 widths Grip grooves make marking comfortable Universal ink on water basis guarantees even fluorescence on practical all papers High fluorescence and good transparency mean that text is...
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Pelikan Soft Gel Pen Single Piece - Black
Pelikan soft gel pen for writing and drawing. High quality smooth gel ink pen. Disposable Gel stick pen Four writing colours (black, blue, red and green) Smooth and comfortable writing Glides across the paper; easy and comfortable to use. With...
Pelikan Junior P67 Fountain Pen Single Piece
Display fountain pen Pelikano Junior P67D/12 assort. Type: Fountain Pen Brand: Pelikan Pack Of 12
Pelikan Fountain Pen P480D Single Piece
Fountain Pen Model: P480D Brand: Pelikan Use: Office and school and other different places use
Pelikan Pelifix Glue Stick
Easy to use Glues quickly and cleanly For paper, cardboard, photos, textiles, polystyrene and many other uses Without solvent Available in three sizes: 10g, 20g and 40g
from Rs.75
Pelikan Transparent Watercolors Paint Sets
Selected, fine-grain quality pigments High light-fastness colors are easy to dissolve and apply Includes two water containers and a removable mixing palette Made in Germany
from Rs.2,800
Pelikan Notes 100 Sheets Yellow
Removeable without trace Simple to write on with pencil, crayon, fountain pen, ballpoint, ink-roller, fibre-tip Color: yellow Sizes: 101 x 76mm; 51 x 76mm; 76 x 76mm; 127 x 76mm, 100 sheets 50 x 38mm, 3x100 sheets
from Rs.95
Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 62.5ml - Brilliant Red
from Rs.595
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Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 62.5ml - Brilliant Red
Ink formula developed over 125 years ago protects both fountain pen and nib Ink produces clear line definition with an even flow For traditional Pelikan fountain pens and many other brands with plunger mechanism and converter Tip the bottle on...
from Rs.595
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Pelikan HB Pencil Pack Of 12
Best and High-Quality Pelikan Lead Pencil The quality pencils by Pelikan are available in three different lead grades to meet all needs. Quality pencils for school Made in Germany
Pelikan Metal Case Geometry Set
Compass Divider 15cm ruler 180° protractor 60° set square 45° set square Eraser Pencil sharpener Pencil
Pelikan Blanco Correction Fluid Solvent Based 20ml
Correction Fluid Blanco fluid B925B Material: Bottle, 20 ml Colour: White Art of the application Hilfsmittels: Brush Pen Packaging: Blister
Pelikan Blanco Correction Fluid Thinner Box 2x20 ml
This is a special product of Pelikan. It consist of Fluid + Thinner, 2 x 20,ml. The fluid works on fountains permanent ink, while the thinner works on fountain pens ink. It is used in offices, schools and homes. These...
Pelikan Plastic Erasers Box 30
The AL 20/30® Plastic Erasers from Pelikan are gentle on paper and ideal for erasing lead pencils. Phthalate-free For lead pencil For all surfaces Gentle on paper Made in Germany

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