Deli 2-Hole Punch Metal Puncher E0136 - White
Hole Distance : 80,mm. Hole Diameter : 5.5,mm. Throat Depth : 12,mm. Punching Capacity : 10,sheets/ 80g. Measure : 45 × 22.5 × 24,cm.
M&G Punch Faster 92716
Punching Capacity : 10 Sheets of 80gram Hold Distance : 80mm 5.5mm Hole Diameter Novel design Easy To Use For Offices And School
Deli Hole Punch E0101 Metal 10 Sheets Capacity
Punch holes through sheets to fit in files with hole punches. Our range includes single hole punches, 4 hole punches, and 2 hole punches from top brands like us
Deli Hole Punch Large 35 Sheets With Lock E0138
Lock system for compact storage Adjustable ruler for accurate punching All metal punch ensures great durability
Deli Punch Small 10 Sheets E0103
Manufacturer Number : E0103-2 Type : Puncher Brand : Deli Material: TPE+ABS cover Size: 103x64x39mm Punching capacity:10 sheets Hole distance:80mm

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