Daler Rowney Graduate Sketchbook Stapled Soft Cover
The Daler-Rowney Graduate range of sketchbooks offers great quality at value prices, perfect for any art students, with a variety of practical sizes and types available.Graduate Sketchbooks contain smooth white cartridge paper between 130gsm and 160gsm.The Graduate range offers great...
from Rs.650
Daler Rowney Simply Transparent Watercolor Travel Set of 12
A pocket-sized travel box set of 12 Aquafine watercolour half pans with a travel brush. Aquafine watercolours are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control.  The full range of 48 Aquafine colours gives rich, free-flowing transparent...
Daler Rowney Artists Clear Picture Varnish Spray 400ml
Daler Rowney Artists Clear Picture Varnish Spray 400ml A removable clear picture varnish, used to achieve a clear, even gloss that will not yellow or bloom. A light aerosol application results in an excellent retouching varnish. It can be used...
Daler Rowney Alkyd Flow Medium in 75ml Bottle
It increases the transparency and flow of oil color, makes oil color thin, allowing paint to be brushed out more smoothly. Reduces drying time. Brand: Daler Rowney. Made in England.
Daler Rowney Watercolor Aquafine Travel Sets
Daler Rowney Watercolor Aquafine Travel Sets Contains 24 colours and 1 mini Aquafine brush. Comes in a compact case with 4 detachable mixing palettes. Vibrant and fluid colours. Perfect for the needs of students and watercolour enthusiasts alike. Daler Rowney...
from Rs.7,875
Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Mediums
Apply one coat of watercolor varnish for a glossy surface on watercolors, poster or gouache paintings and designs. Brand: Daler RowneyMade In England
Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolor Paper Pads
Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Paper is made of 100% virgin wood pulp. This paper is acid-free and calcium carbonate buffered to prevent the deterioration of colour over time. Aquafine Watercolour Paper is ideal for students. 100% virgin wood pulp and acid-free...
from Rs.1,950
Daler Rowney Artist Carry Box
Ideal for the storage and transportation of art materials Translucent/White The Graduate range has been created to perfectly meet the needs of students and hobbyists alike Offers excellent value for money External dimensions are 33cm x 20cm x 15cm
Daler Rowney Artist Clear Picture Varnish in 75ml Bottle
This is a removable clear picture varnish, used to achieve a clear, even gloss that will not yellow or bloom. A light aerosol application results in an excellent retouching varnish. It can be used on both oil and acrylic paintings.
Daler Rowney Artists Natural Sponge
This pack from Jakar contains a small Natural Sea Sponge which has an approximate Sponges can be used in a wide variety of craft and creative projects including creating interesting and exciting effects when applying colour and they prove particularly popular amongst...
Daler Rowney Brush Roll For Artists
Brushes are one of the most important tools for an artist. Complementary to its extensive range of brushes, Daler-Rowney offers a range of brush accessories. Suitable for all brushes. To protect your brushes. To transport your brushes. To clean your...
Daler Rowney Calligraphy Ink 30ml
Daler-Rowney Calligraphy ink is an acrylic-based range of pigmented, water-resistant inks, designed specially for use in calligraphy, where optimum flow characteristics from the pen or brush are essential. Pigment-based inks. Excellent lightfastness and permanent (4*). Non-clogging, excellent flow. Waterproof. Ideal...
from Rs.1,600
Daler Rowney Color Mixing Wheel
The Daler-Rowney Colour Wheel is a simple way to learn about colour relationships. It helps you to visualise how colours relate to one other and how they can be blended. Simply select a colour on the outside wheel, align it...
Daler Rowney Damar Varnish For Oil Colors In 75ml Bottle
Daler Rowney's Damar varnish has a low gloss finish and is removable. Damar Varnish dries in a few hours when applied thinly and will create a hard, clear film. This varnish can be removed with turpentine or white spirit. It...
Daler Rowney Acrylic Medium Decoupage Painting
Daler Rowney Decoupage Medium formerly Craft Seal is specially formulated as a clear gloss medium with adhesive properties for paper mache, collage, and decoupage or as a final water-resistant sealant for all manner of craftworks including stone, wood, card and...
Daler Rowney Ebony Hard Back Sketch Book
The Daler-Rowney Ebony Artists' Sketchbooks feature a selection of artists’ hardbound sketchbook with premium quality, crisp, white cartridge paper, suitable for drawing and sketching, pen and ink work, and charcoal. Premium quality, crisp, white cartridge paper. From 150gsm to 180gsm. Available in...
from Rs.2,450
Daler Rowney Fixative Spray Bottles
Daler-Rowney Prefix Colourless Pastel Fixative is an excellent quality fixative spray that fixes charcoal and pastels. Prevents smudging. Dries quickly. Artists can work on top of it. Colorless once dry. Sprays evenly.
from Rs.2,400
Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium
Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium is the first pouring medium to use with acrylic inks for even more outstanding results! Ideal to use with FW Acrylic Inks. Mix 1 part FW Ink, System3 Ink, or Aquafine Inks to 1 part pouring...
Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Color Tubes 225ml - Naples Yellow
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Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Color Tubes 225ml - Naples Yellow
Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are made from carefully selected permanent, organic pigments ensuring the highest standards of durability, reliability, lightfastness and working properties. These rich, low-odour oil paint colours can be used directly from the tube with brush or knife, or thinned...
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Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic Paint 120ml Tube
Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic is an affordable range of water-based colours, ideal for students and amateurs looking for reliability and performance. These fast-drying, medium-body acrylic paint colours are smooth, easy to use, mix well together and are perfect for covering large areas or...
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Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic Introductory Set 12 x 22ml
Daler-Rowney’s Graduate Acrylic Colour set draws on this company’s 150 years of experience in colour-making and is still made in the UK.  Graduate Acrylic Colour is easy to mix, and with high pigment loading and good permanency rating it performs...
Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic Jar 500ml - white
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Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic Jar 500ml - white
A range of acrylic colors featuring bright and strong colors that are easy to brush onto surfaces. They can be used on any paper surface or primed board or canvas, used indoors or outdoors, and are so versatile they can...
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Daler Rowney Low Odour Thinner 75ml
low-odor thinner is an alternative to turpentine, used for thinning oil colors & oil color mediums. Also used to clean palettes and brushes. Ideal when working in a confined space or for artists who fined turpentine too strong. Brand: Daler...
Daler Rowney Mixed Media Paper Drawing Pads
Daler-Rowney Optima mixed media paper drawing pad will allow you to experiment with wet and dry techniques. With a heavy 250gsm weight, the high-quality paper is designed for traditional art techniques, mixed media, collage, and visual journaling. Durable light textured surface and acid-free...
from Rs.2,500

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