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In regards to quality stationery, Pakistan has a number of well known brands that are favorites of students, business people and artists. Among these popular brands, Faber Castell, Piano, Goldfish, Picasso, Deli, Milan, Oro, and M&G are considered to produce some of the best and unique products in the market.

Faber Castell is one of the famous brands in the world especially when it comes to pencils, color pencils, and other art stationery. They embrace products that are quite hard wearing and come in bright colors, something that has made them popular among artists and learners.

Piano introduces their line of pens that are well renowned for giving a comfortable writing feel. For whichever writing instrument you require, whether it is ballpoint pens or gel pens, Piano has a wide variety of reliable and quality products.

Goldfish is also one of my favorite pencils brands, especially it is famous for its erasers and sharpeners. These basic tools are ideal for use by students as well as other professionals with an aim of enhancing the accuracy of their work.

Picasso is a well-known company that is associated with low prices for stationery, but at the same time, providing quality products. Starting from pencils to markers, the products range offered by Picasso is useful for teaching as well as drawing.

Deli covers all kinds of stationery products such as stapler, glue stick, and cutter. It can be stated that their products are targeting office workers and students in performing great tasks.

Milan is well known for the innovative erasers that are manufactured in Milan as well as stylish writing instruments. As you can see, Milan’s products are designed to not only serve a purpose but are also attractive in terms of design and build.

Oro’s offerings can be seen as a range of affordable and effective products like notebooks, pens, and markers. They are aimed to provide an effective solution for every day’s requirements.

M&G is one of the brands that does a great job of providing a variety of products related to the writing instruments, art materials etc. Their products are commercially available and are reputable for their quality and reasonable prices.

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