ST Hake Brushes Soft Fine Goat Hairs Japanese Style
ST Japanese Style Hake Brushes made with soft fine goat hairs, they hold water well making them ideal for washes and covering large areas quickly. Imported from Thailand.
from Rs.550
ST The Legend Brushes Synthetic Squirrel Hairs
High quality synthetic fur. Kolinsky sable fur provides excellent color retention. springs well Helps to control and responds to coloring as desired And can also draw small, sharp lines well. The LEGEND brush is the right for watercolor, poster paint,...
from Rs.675
Thailaemthong Synthetic Hair Round Brushes
Introducing Thailaemthong Synthetic Hair Round Brushes – the perfect tool for your painting needs! These brushes are made with high-quality synthetic hair that mimics the texture and performance of natural hair, making them perfect for a wide range of painting...
from Rs.150
Kum Synthetic Flat Brushes
About this item Synthetic Flate Brushes Flat shape Clear brush edge for flat painting Easy to wash Made in Germany
from Rs.375
Kum Synthetic Round Brushes
About this item Kum Synthetic Round Brushes' Handmade in germany Synthetic Fibres
from Rs.360
Daler Rowney System 3 Fan Brushes Long Handle
Fan brushes are used to create subtle and gentle effects, blending wet colours into one another. They are ideal for stippling and dry brush effects. System 3 brushes are resilient and durable – an ideal painting tool for beginners and...
from Rs.1,350
Daler Rowney Aquafine Spotter Brush Size 10/0
The Daler Rowney Aquafine Spotter Brush in size 10/0 is a high-quality brush designed for detailed watercolor work. Its fine point and short hairs make it perfect for creating precise lines, small dots, and intricate details. The brush is made...
Daler Rowney System 3 Spotter Brush Size 10/0
System 3 spotter brush is resilient and durable – an ideal art & craft painting tool for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The single thickness of soft synthetic filaments gives a good snap and perfect spring ideal for acrylic painting. The...
Daler Rowney Oil Brush Cleaner In 250ml Jar
Oil Brush Cleaner containing natural oils, this Daler Rowney solvent-free, low odour, water washable cleaner is ideal for cleaning oil brushes. This cleaner is a safer way to clean and restore brushes and is non-flammable and biodegradable. It comes in a 250ml plastic...
Giotto Natural Hair Round Brushes (Horse Hairs)
These are natural hair brushes in horse hairs.STudent grade brushes.Best for watercolor work. Also used on acrylics and oil colors. Ideal for all types of work. Single piece price Imported from Italy
from Rs.110
Mont Marte Assorted Paint Brushes Discovery 4pc
Our Discovery brush sets make it easier than ever to get started in painting. Perfect introduction set Suitable for a range of mediums Includes 4 flat and round paint brushes Flat brush (size 10) Round brushes (size 2, 4, 8)...
Mont Marte Gallery Series Acrylic Brush Set Of 6
Beautiful taklon brush set with wooden handles and black ferrules. 6 brushes included (1 x Detailer 1,1 x Detailer 3,1 x Liner 2,1 xLiner 4,1 x Round 4 and1 x Round 8) SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Acrylics Range...
Mont Marte Fat Liner Brush Squirrel Set Of 3
Mont Marte Fat Liner brushes are a fascinating hybrid of fine liner brushes and larger mop brushes. These brushes have excellent resilience and water capacity. They have the ability to produce long continuous strokes, detailed line work and broad washes....
Daler Rowney Simply Natural White Bristle Hairs Brush Set of 7pcs
The Simply range is tailored to the growing entry level market. Ideal for for Oil & Acrylic paints. Includes 7 Long handle, Bristle White Hair brushes in assorted sizes. Suitable for everyone from home use to students and the beginner....
Daler Rowney Simply Natural White Bristle Pack Of 10
Daler Rowney Natural White Bristle Artist Brush Different Size Pack of 10 Brush fan, round & flat Can be used for Acrylic, oil & water colours High quality.using for painting and designing and drawing. Good qulaties of brushes
Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon Brush Set Of 6 Pcs
Set Includes: Round= 1 & 5 Flat Shadder= 2 & 6 Script= 3 Flat Wash= 1/2
Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon Brush Set Of 5 Pcs
• Suitable for acrylic painting• Gold-Taklon• short handle• 2 round brushes, size. 2/0, 1• 1 liner, size. 10/0• 1 shader angled size. 1/8• 1 fan brush, size. 2/0
Plaid Natural Hair Detail Brush Set Of 10 Pcs
Set includes Spotter 10/0, Liners 10/0, 1, Rounds 10/0, 0, 1, Shaders 2, 4, Angular Shaders 1/8″, 1/4″ Give your paintings life by adding exquisite detail to your pieces with the Detail Wood Brush Set from Plaid. This 10 piece...
Plaid Synthetic Brush Set Of 10 Pcs
Set includes Rounds 1, 3, 5, Shaders 4, 6, 8, Angular Shader 5/8″, Filberts 2, 6, Fan 2 The Plaid Brown Nylon Wood Brush Set provides everything you need to create beautiful projects—perfect for beginning painters! With everything in this...
Plaid Texture Brush Set Of 8 Pcs
Set includes Fan #2, Feather 1/2″, Angles 1/4″, 3/8″, Filberts 2, 4, Mop 1/2″, Deerfoot 3/8″ Give your painting some texture when you use the Plaid Texture Brush Set. This 8-piece set allows you to shade, highlight, and add texture...
FolkArt Detail Brush Set Of 4
Smooth, even brush strokes on wood, terra cotta and other porous surfaces. Soft handle for comfort and control Clean while wet with soap and water Excellent for a wide variety of home decor and craft projects Washable and reusable.
Daler Rowney Graduate Round Brushes
This high quality brush is perfect for touching up small areas, fine detailing and for applying well-thinned colour. This brush is also excellent for blending free-flowing colour! These brush fibres are long-lasting and durable for an experience that you will...
from Rs.1,350
Daler Rowney Graduate Spotter Brush 10-0
Designed with the intermediate oil and acrylic artist in mind, these brushes represent exceptional quality and value for money. Made from a mix of synthetic and natural hairs, the collection of shapes and sizes make this a 'must-have' range for...
Daler Rowney Georgian Brush Flat Long Handle
These new Georgian brushes from Daler-Rowney have high-quality hairs and offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. All brushes in the new range benefit from qualitative improvements compared to the previous range, even for shapes and sizes available previously. All brushes feature higher...
from Rs.1,230

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