Daler Rowney Simply Natural White Bristle Hairs Brush Set of 7pcs
The Simply range is tailored to the growing entry level market. Ideal for for Oil & Acrylic paints. Includes 7 Long handle, Bristle White Hair brushes in assorted sizes. Suitable for everyone from home use to students and the beginner....
Daler Rowney Simply Natural White Bristle Pack Of 10
Paras Art Fever Daler Rowney Natural White Bristle Artist Brush Different Size Pack of 10 Brush fan, round & flat Can be used for Acrylic, oil & water colours High quality.using for painting and designing and drawing. Good qulaties of...
Keep Smiling Flat Artist Brush Set Of 6
Keep Smiling Flat Artist Brush Set Of 6
Keep Smiling Professional Wash Brush 60mm
Keep Smiling Professional Wash Brush 60mm
Keep Smiling Artist Brush Set Of 10
Keep Smiling Artist Brush set has 10 different shape brushes of different sizes. These brushes are ideal for watercolors, oils and acrylics.
Keep Smiling Mix Artist Paint Brush Pack of 7
Keep Smiling Mix Artist Paint Brush Pack of 7 Size: 1,2,4,6,8,10,12
Foam Brush Art Tools
Suitable for stencil painting with acrylics, watercolors, varnishes. Set includes 5 different sizes: 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm, 1.5 cm.  Durable foam with lightweight wood handles.
from Rs.220
Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon Brush Set Of 6 Pcs
Set Includes: Round= 1 & 5 Flat Shadder= 2 & 6 Script= 3 Flat Wash= 1/2
Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon Brush Set Of 5 Pcs
• Suitable for acrylic painting• Gold-Taklon• short handle• 2 round brushes, size. 2/0, 1• 1 liner, size. 10/0• 1 shader angled size. 1/8• 1 fan brush, size. 2/0
Keep Smiling Round Artist Brush Set Of 6
Keep Smiling Rount Artist Brush Set Of 6
Plaid Natural Hair Detail Brush Set Of 10 Pcs
Set includes Spotter 10/0, Liners 10/0, 1, Rounds 10/0, 0, 1, Shaders 2, 4, Angular Shaders 1/8″, 1/4″ Give your paintings life by adding exquisite detail to your pieces with the Detail Wood Brush Set from Plaid. This 10 piece...
Plaid Synthetic Brush Set Of 10 Pcs
Set includes Rounds 1, 3, 5, Shaders 4, 6, 8, Angular Shader 5/8″, Filberts 2, 6, Fan 2 The Plaid Brown Nylon Wood Brush Set provides everything you need to create beautiful projects—perfect for beginning painters! With everything in this...
Plaid Texture Brush Set Of 8 Pcs
Set includes Fan #2, Feather 1/2″, Angles 1/4″, 3/8″, Filberts 2, 4, Mop 1/2″, Deerfoot 3/8″ Give your painting some texture when you use the Plaid Texture Brush Set. This 8-piece set allows you to shade, highlight, and add texture...
FolkArt Detail Brush Set Of 4
Smooth, even brush strokes on wood, terra cotta and other porous surfaces. Soft handle for comfort and control Clean while wet with soap and water Excellent for a wide variety of home decor and craft projects Washable and reusable.
Keep Smiling Artist Brush Set Of 12
Keep Smiling Artist Value Brush Set Size = 12 brushes Sizes: 4, 1/4, 6, 8, 12, 3/4, 1, 6, 2/0, 4, 1, 1
Derwent Technique Brushes Set
Professional-quality paintbrush set for creating a wide variety of marks, Perfect for professional and amateur artists of all ages Wide range of effects: Include laying down a wash over a large area, Creating fine lines to marks such as hair...
Rs.2,895 Rs.2,750
Keep Smiling Acrylic Flat Brush Pack Of 10
Size:18-22cm 10 Pcs / Flat and Round Brush Color: Golden Yellow Professional for fine art and Crafts Material: hairbrush, wooden pen handles Type: 3-12# Durable and practical
Crayola Paint Brushes Set of 4
PAINTBRUSH SET: Features 4 Round Paint Brushes with brushed silver ferrules from 1/2" diameter descending to 1/8" and vibrantly colored metallic-effect wooden handles 4.75" VERSATILE PAINTBRUSH: Soft, white Taklon bristles work great with Crayola Washable Paint, Tempera Paint, and Acrylic...
Daler Rowney Graduate Spotter Brush 10-0
Designed with the intermediate oil and acrylic artist in mind, these brushes represent exceptional quality and value for money. Made from a mix of synthetic and natural hairs, the collection of shapes and sizes make this a 'must-have' range for...
Daler Rowney Georgian Brush Flat Long Handle
These new Georgian brushes from Daler-Rowney have high-quality hairs and offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. All brushes in the new range benefit from qualitative improvements compared to the previous range, even for shapes and sizes available previously. All brushes feature higher...
from Rs.700
Daler Rowney System 3 Long Handle Round Brush
A brush that can be used for touching in small areas, fine detailing, and for applying well-thinned color. A large size round will make it easier to lay a broad wash over a substantial area. System 3 brushes are resilient...
from Rs.640
Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Brushes Flat Long Handle
A sharp square-edged brush that holds plenty of colour for long continuous strokes and allows for good colour flow. Ideal for laying broad washes if used flat and making thick strokes. The sharp edge is excellent for thin lines. System...
from Rs.660

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