Daler Rowney Turpentine Oil 75ml
Dilutes oil color to a thin, quick-drying wash in the early stages of painting. It can also be used to clean oil paint from brushes. Made in England Finest quality
Daler Rowney Purified Linseed Oil
Daler Rowney Purified Linseed Oil reduces the consistency of your oil colors and slows down their drying time. Used straight from the bottle, this oil will give your paint a high gloss finish. It can be diluted with Turpentine or...
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Winsor Newton Dammar Varnish Spray 150ml
Professional Dammar Varnish; 150 ML; Varnish Pale Yellow varnish which dries to a high gloss finish For use on oil paintings; Tends to darken with aging Removable with Distilled Turpentine Do not use until painting is completely dry (6-12 months)...

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