Jute Rope Set Of 2 Piece
Jute Rope Wonderful for your craft needs, wrapping gifts, package or decorationIdeal for home, school, and office Suitable for most uses around the Home, Garden, or Office, ideal for tying up delicate training plants, etc. Strong and Durable Length of...
Sakura Air Dry Clay Light For Crafting
Ultra-lightweight clay. Approx. 1/8 weight of conventional paper clay and 1/20 weight after dries. Least sticky to hands, feels extremely smooth and very easy to mold. Can make colored clay with paint. Coloring by colors: Mixing watercolor or poster colors...
INTEX Repair Patches 59631
Clean and dry repair area thoroughly Cut patch larger than the repair area Remove paper backing, place patch over the hole, and press down firmly Do not inflate for 30 minutes Contents: 6 Pcs Repair Patches  Made in China

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