Lefranc & Bourgeois Sticky Stencils Size 15x30cm
Liguitex Re-usable Sticky Stencils with Adhesive Size 15 x 30 cm Sticky stencil. Can be used several times, sticks to paper, wallpaper, wood, earthenware, tiles, porcelain, glass, plastic, metal, etc. Remove the protective paper from the stencil, then position the...
Das Stone Air Hardening Modelling Clay 1kg Pack
Das air hardening modelling clay in stone color.Particularly suitable for making models & sculptures, coating other materials such as wood, metal or glass, it is based on natural substances, gluten-free and dermatologically tested.The clay hardens on exposure to air in...
Mont Marte Copper Leaf Pack Of 25
The age old process of metal leaf gilding can add a new dimension to the appearance of paintings, sculpture, leather goods, metal work, glass, picture frames and much more. The effects and outcomes achievable are limited only by your imagination....
Sakura Paper Palette
For Oil colors Water colors Acrylic Colors 25 White Sheets  
from Rs.1,050
Mungyo Pastel Holder Pack Of 2
Strongly grasp most Sizes of pastel Easier to grip and control pastel Can use a worn-down pastel Keep your hands clean Connection like blocks
Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack of 6
Mungyo Palette Paint Pan Pack of 6 Magnet on the bottom Connect Pens like Blocks Color name or number
Daler Rowney Spray Diffuser
This stainless steel spray diffuser is perfect for applying paint, ink or fixative in a fine spray. The diffuser comes with wooden mouthpiece and with practice you can achieve amazing effects. Pop the tube into a container of paint or...
Daler Rowney Fw Mixed Paint Markers 1mm Nib Set Of 10 Pcs
The nib has a 1mm tip, hardpoint and is perfect for fine detail drawing and writing FW Mixed Media Paint Markers can be filled with all sorts of liquid media such as Acrylic Inks, Watercolour Paints and Drawing Inks (not...
Daler Rowney Fw Mixed Media Paint Marker Nibs 0.8mm Set Of 8 Pcs
The 0.8mm technical nib has a fine hard needlepoint and is perfect for fine detail drawing and writing. FW Mixed Media Paint Markers can be filled with all sorts of liquid media such as Acrylic Inks, Watercolour Paints and Drawing...
Daler Rowney Graduate Pallet Knife Set Of 6 Pcs
A Selection of 6 palette knives is ideal for a wide variety of painting techniques. Created for the discerning artist, Graduate palette knives are a perfect blend of functional, quality, and elegance.
Milan Lino Cutter Set With 5 Blades
Set of 5 blades in different shapes for carving patterns into linoleum and Print Block. Wooden handle. Product Code: 61054
Faber Castell CLIC & GO Green Water Cup
The practical folding mechanism of the Clic&Go water pot means it requires minimal space in your bag The waved rim at the top makes for a practical, safe brush holder The water pot is also suitable for waste (sharpenings) or...
Silver Leaf Pack Of 25
Silver leaf Dimension: 5×5 inches
Copper Leaf Pack Of 25
Copperleaf Dimension: 5.4×5.4 inches
Daler Rowney Painting Knife
Daler-Rowney Painting Knife have a special electrolytic coating that is unique in the fine art market. This additional coating results in a product that is more resistant to rust than all other carbon steel palette knives (which until this innovation...
from Rs.650
Cretacolor Wooden Brush Box
Exclusive wooden case with comfortable carrying handle for storage and transport of brushes – for easy and fast access. Cretacolor Wooden Brush Box 18 Inches – With Side Strap For Hanging Extra-long format, brass-closure, and brackets. Size: 45 x 5 x...
Cretacolor Pencil Roll Up Case
The Roll-Up case offers space for up to 48 pencils. Furthermore, accessories like erasers, kneadable erasers, sharpeners, brushes, and more may be kept in the compartment case which can be easily removed or reattached by touch fastener.
Das Air Dry Modelling Clay - White
from Rs.675
Das Air Dry Modelling Clay - White
Packed and sealed in foil, DAS moist modelling Clay is ready to use and air dries to a hard durable matt finish without the need for firing. This air dry clay hardens on exposure to air in 24 hrs without any need...
from Rs.675
Cretacolor Pencil Extender Holder
Used for lengthening or enhancing your favorite pencil, this striking pencil extender comes in a hand-designed silver and white marble pattern and is fitted with a metal clamp for holding the pencil firmly. It is especially suited for the Monolith...
Daler Rowney Color Mixing Wheel
The Daler-Rowney Colour Wheel is a simple way to learn about colour relationships. It helps you to visualise how colours relate to one other and how they can be blended. Simply select a colour on the outside wheel, align it...
Daler Rowney Brush Roll For Artists
Brushes are one of the most important tools for an artist. Complementary to its extensive range of brushes, Daler-Rowney offers a range of brush accessories. Suitable for all brushes. To protect your brushes. To transport your brushes. To clean your...
Daler Rowney Artists Natural Sponge
This pack from Jakar contains a small Natural Sea Sponge which has an approximate Sponges can be used in a wide variety of craft and creative projects including creating interesting and exciting effects when applying colour and they prove particularly popular amongst...
Daler Rowney Artist Carry Box
Ideal for the storage and transportation of art materials Translucent/White The Graduate range has been created to perfectly meet the needs of students and hobbyists alike Offers excellent value for money External dimensions are 33cm x 20cm x 15cm

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