Lyra Mechanical Pencils 2mm
It's a plastic mechanical pencil with integrated lead and with a metal tip and clip. Precision writing guaranteed thanks to the built-in lead sharpener. Single mechanical pencil Item No. L1027420
Dollar My Pencil WOW
Ergonomic triangular pencil with specially formulated break-resistant lead gives the ultimate writing experience and trouble-free sharpening. Available in four bright colors, with an eraser option.
from Rs.200
Dollar My Pencil Color WOW Pack Of 12
A premium quality wood in combination with an attractive assortment of colors, gives the ultimate coloring experience and trouble-free sharpening. Available in a full PTC 13 and a half PTC 14 sizes.
from Rs.155
Deli U50800 Scribe Graphite Pencil HB
Specification 8×188mm Material Basswoodgraphite, clay Spec. 1 Hexagonal Barrel Spec. 2 Pre-sharpened Spec. 3 Silver Alu. ferrule with colored TPR Eraser
Deli E38029 Graphite Pencil HB With Eraser
Specification φ7mm×190mm, 75gram/Box Material Basswoodgraphite, clay Packaging 12pcs/Peggable box, 12 box, 240 box Spec. 1 Triangular Barrel Spec. 2 Pre-sharpened
Deli Metal Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm E6490
Brand Name:Deli Body Material:Metal Type:Mechanical Pencils Packaging:Set Model Number:E6490 E6491 COLOR:Silver, Champagne, brown
TK 9071 leads for writing, drawing, and sketching Suitable for TK 9400, TK 9500, and TK 4600 clutch pencils Lead diameter 2 mm Intense black lines Easily erasable 130 mm long Degree of hardness HB Content: 10 leads of one...
Lyra Slim Groove Hb Lead Pencils
This ergonomic graphite pencil with a triangular shape is easy to hold, naturally preventing your fingers from slipping. There's also space for writing your name. HB lead, ideal for writing and drawing. Hard to break and very long-lasting. Pencils come...
Lyra Orlow Techno 107 Mechanical Pencils
This mechanical pencil has a rubber grip, ensuring steady and precise writing at all times. Controlled-release lead. Version for 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9 mm lead. Item No. L1027420

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