Daler Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Set Of 6x20ml
he Georgian Water Mixable Oil Colours are a modern take on traditional oil paints as they can be mixed, thinned and washed using water as opposed to mediums. These oil paints are therefore ideal for use indoors, such as in...
Daler Rowney Georgian Watermixable Oil Set Of 10x37ml
Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil colors offer artists the possibility of experiencing oil painting without the need for solvent-based mediums. An alternative to traditional oil paints, Georgian Water Mixable Oils can be thinned, mixed, and washed using water. High concentration of...
Daler Rowney Graduate Oil Selection Set Of 36x22ml
 Oil paint ideal for students. Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil is an affordable range of oil colours ideal for students and amateurs looking for reliability and performance.  Graduate Oil Colours are traditionally crafted with a soft buttery consistency and high pigment...
Maries Oil Color Paint Tube 50ml - 138 Copper
from Rs.200
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Maries Oil Color Paint Tube 50ml - 138 Copper
Paras Art Fever Marie's Oil Colors Paint 50ml Maries Oil is an economical range of oil paints intended for students and those begining the art of oil painting. Very economical for large canvas work. Marie's offer a superior strength of...
from Rs.200
  • + 37
Daler Rowney Graduate Oil Paint Set 10 X 38ml Tube
Daler Rowney Graduate Oils are distinctive for their high permanence rating with a drying time that is half that of traditional oil colours.Quicker drying time allows for more to be done to the painting and opens up new creative possibilities. All...
Daler-Rowney Simply Oil Paint Set 12-24 Colors
Daler-Rowney Simply Oil Paint Set 12-24 ColorsDaler-Rowney Simply Oil colors are a perfect starting point for artists and hobbyists looking to experiment with oils. These smooth colors can be used straight from the tube or thinned down to create glazes...
from Rs.2,250
Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paint Color Studio Set 10 x 38ml
A selection set of 10 x 38ml Georgian Oil Colour tubes Traditionally crafted and triple-milled in England Provides colour consistency from wet to dry Even performance and finish across all colours Set includes 1 x FREE Georgian Brush
Daler Rowney Graduate Professional Oil Paint Tubes 38ml - Cadmium Yellow (hue) 620
  • + 34
Daler Rowney Graduate Professional Oil Paint Tubes 38ml - Cadmium Yellow (hue) 620
Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil paint is an affordable range of oil colours ideal for professionals, students and hobbyists looking for reliability and performance. Graduate Oil colors are smooth, easy to use, and mix well together, drying to a low gloss satin...
  • + 34
Winsor Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint Set 10Pcs
Specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oil color Ideal for artists who share a workspace, schools or painting at home Includes Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Deep Hue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue Hue,...
Maries Oil Colour Set 12 Pieces
Marie’s Oil Colours are manufactured by our engineers according to artists’ need and international standard. They are regarded as the excellent products by experts. Marie’s Oil Colours select and adopt the most permanent pigments, the best refined botanic oil, mixed and...
MARIES Oil Painting Color 12ml 24Pcs
Marie’s 24 Oil Colors, Easy to use & reliable, This set includes twenty-four 12 ml tubes that are arranged in a lovely cardboard presentation box suitable for gift giving. Colors include: White Lemon Yellow Yellow Mid Yellow Deep Yellow Ochre...
Keep Smiling Oil Paints Tubes Pack Of 12
High quality colour for perfect colour blending Suitable for home décor Suitable for arts and crafts projects . Designed for easy usage and storage

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