Mont Marte White Texture Gesso Premium 250ml
Mont Marte gesso is ideal for preparing painting surfaces for acrylic, oil, pastels, and other painting mediums. This lightweight, non-yellowing gesso is water resistant once dry and provides an excellent surface for you to work on. You can apply this...
Mont Marte Premium Iridescent Varnish 240ml
Gives artworks a beautiful iridescent finish Apply a single coat to dry paintings using a wide, soft taklon brush Perfect for acrylic paintings and fluid art Helps to protect your artworks To increase the iridescent shimmer, use multiple coats of...
Marie's Gesso Primer 500ml
Gesso in 500ml jar for the preparation of surfaces to be painted. Dries rapidly and leaves a light matt surface. Can be applied on clean and non-greasy surfaces (suitable for most surfaces). Improves the adhesion of acrylic and oil paints....
Winsor Newton Artists Oil Painting Medium 75ml
Winsor & newton artists painting medium reduces consistency and improves flow and is resistant to yellowing A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks Suitable for oiling...
Winsor Newton Artist Matt Varnish Aerosol
A fine clear, non-yellowing varnish with a matt finish for the protection of oil, alkyd and acrylic paintings. 
from Rs.1,845
Winsor Newton Artist Gloss Varnish
Recommended for adding Depth and luster to paintings Gloss picture varnish is compatible with oils, alkyds and acrylics Protects without discoloring, even over time
from Rs.1,845
Winsor Newton Artist Picture Cleaner 75ml - Oil Painting Medium
A natural resin/oil emulsion containing ammonia designed for cleaning varnished paintings It works by dissolving linseed oil oxidation and will remove surface dirt and the products of oxidation in the old varnish Note that a picture that needs to have...
Winsor Newton Artists' Matt Varnish 75ml - Oil Painting Medium
A superior quality UV resistant artists' matt varnish that is removable with artists' white spirit or distilled turpentine Quick drying and non-yellowing Does not bloom or crack Do not use as a medium or until painting is completely dry (6...
Winsor Newton Artists Gloss Varnish 75ml - Painting Medium
A final clear, non-yellowing varnish with a gloss finish for the protection of oil, alkyd and acrylic paintings A superior quality UV-resistant varnish removable with white spirit or distilled turpentine Quick-drying and does not bloom or crack Do not use...
Daler Rowney Artist Clear Picture Varnish in 75ml Bottle
This is a removable clear picture varnish, used to achieve a clear, even gloss that will not yellow or bloom. A light aerosol application results in an excellent retouching varnish. It can be used on both oil and acrylic paintings.
Daler Rowney Alkyd Flow Medium in 75ml Bottle
It increases the transparency and flow of oil color, makes oil color thin, allowing paint to be brushed out more smoothly. Reduces drying time. Brand: Daler Rowney. Made in England.

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