Olfa SVR-2 Stainless Steel Professional Cutter
NEW! 2x micro-click control Stainless-Steel handle Corrosion resistant Durable, Stainless-Steel Snap Blade Pocket clip/blade snapper Tool-free blade change
Olfa A3 Graphic Knife with Multiple Blade
Olfa A3 Graphic knife with multiple blade re-application system. Standard Duty Blade Specification: 80mm Blade Length 9mm Blade Width 0.38mm Blade Thickness Snap off Segment blade supplied Replacement Blade(s): AB ABB AB-SOL Suggested Uses : Cutting through wallpaper, plastic films,...
Olfa 180 Black Standard Cutter
OLFA 180 Black - 9mm Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Precision Knife. The best-known standard knife. This Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Precision Knife is the modern day version of the original snap-off cutter developed by OLFA® in 1956.  Featuring an auto-lock slide, pocket...
Olfa WAC-2 Wave Cutter 45mm
Olfa Rotary Wave Cutter 45mm WAC-2 Blade: 45mm Wave cutter with a stainless steel blade designed to create wavy edge on the fabric. Removable blade cover included. Hobby rotary cutter easy to use rolling razor blade perfect for cutting multiple layers...
Olfa RTY-2/G Rotary Cutter for General Quilting
Designed for right- and left-handed crafters  Cuts with very little effort  Produces clean, straight edges  Tungsten steel blade    Classic Simplicity  The best rotary cutter is brought to you by OLFA, the first in the industry for rotary cutting tools.  Look no...
OLFA P-800 Heavy Duty Cutter
Designed To Produce A Very Fine Score Line In Order To Accurately Break Plastic, Acrylic And Laminate. Holds 2 Spare Blades In The Handle.
Olfa MC-45 Package include 5 spare blades
Easy to use 45o mat cutter Uniquely designed tool that takes all the work out of cutting rectangular openings for picture and photograph framing. Perfect for cutting picture frame mounts from matting board at 45o oblique angle. The “V” shaped blade MCB-1 slides easily...
OLFA L2 Heavy duty cutter with an anti-slip rubber grip
Anti-slip rubber insert Durable ABS handle Tough, Silver Snap Blade Stainless-steel support channel Tool-free blade change
OLFA L-3 Heavy Duty 2-Way Cutter
OLFA L-3 Heavy Duty 2-Way Cutter with blade re-application system at the rear of the cutter For Both Tough & Fine Cutting The OLFA L-3 multi-tool utility knife is a great combination of key hole saw and a snap-off blade...
Olfa Cmp-2 Heavy-Duty Circle Compass Cutter
Create circles from 3-12 inches Easy-adjust dial Tough, silver snap blade Ratchet locks blade into depth Perfect Circles Every Time When you need to create perfect circles, rely on the OLFA CMP-2 Heavy-Duty Circle Cutter to deliver precision results. This...
Olfa CMP-1 For Cutting Circles in Paper
Designed for a variety of craft projects  For right and left-handed users  Includes 6 replacement blades  Smooth Circular Cuts  When you're making a circular craft project, you need the perfect circle cutter. Thankfully, there's an OLFA cutter waiting for you: the OLFA CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter. Use this...
Olfa BN-AL Heavy Duty Cutter
Durable ABS handle Easy slide-lock activation Tough, Silver Snap Blade Tool-free blade change
Olfa 45-C 45mm Rotary Blade for Cutting Linoleum
RAZOR SHARP BLADE - Our cutter is preloaded with an ultra sharp 45mm rotary blade made from tungsten steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. The concealed blade prevents injury and allows for continual, protected blade exposure. COMFORTABLE &...

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