INTEX Wild Geometry Pool 58″ x 13″
58″ x 13″ (1.47m x 33cm) Inflated. 8ga (0.20mm) rings. 7ga (0.18mm) floor. Capacity 9″ (23cm) of wall height 87 gals (330L). Repair patch. Shelf box 6ea, 19.0 lb (8.6 KG). code : 58439
Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool 120" X 72" X 22"
120" x 72" x 22" large family pool 3 air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve 264 gallon capacity 15 gauge vinyl. This product does NOT come with a pump. Extra wide side walls for comfort...
INTEX Aquarium Pool 60" x 22"
( 60" x 22" ) ( 1.52m x 56cm ) Inflated Durable 12ga ( 0.30mm ) vinyl Inflatable floor Ideal as an adult lounging spa Capacity 16" (41cm ) of wall height 95 gal ( 360L ) Drain plug Repair...
Intex Swim Center Family Swimming Pool 57181
0.23 mm vinyl walls Double circular body Capacity (wall height 33 mm): 519 liters Comes with a drain plug and repair patch. Comes with a storage box Dimensions: 90 x 58 x 18 inches
INTEX Rectangular Baby Pool
65.5" L x 39.5" W x 11" H (1.66m x 1.00m x 28cm) Inflated. 12ga (0.30mm) Vinyl. Soft Inflatable Floor. Good for use on balconies and terraces. Capacity 6.5" (17cm) of wall height 24 gal (90L). Repair Patch. Shelf Box...
INTEX Sunset Glow Pool 45" x 10"
( 45'' x 10'' ) (1.14m x 25cm ) Inflated 8ga (0.20mm) rings 7ga (0.18mm) floor 3 Rings soft inflatable floor Capacity 7'' (18cm) of wall height 35 gal (131L) Repair Patch Shelf Box, 6ea,15.2 lb (6.9 KG).
INTEX Shooting Hoops Game Set 57502
Inflate fun in your own living room with the new Shootin’ hoops set from Intex. This fun, inflatable basketball hoop is a great way to have some fun and burn off energy at the same time. It includes two inflatable...
INTEX Jump-O-Lene ™ Castle Bouncer 69" X 69" X 53"
120 Lb. (54 kg) Maximum Weight Limit Includes Repair Patch WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – SMALL PARTS. NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YRS
INTEX Pwo Bompers 31" x 15"
INTEX Pwo Bompers 31" x 15"
Intex Swimming Pool Metal Frame 244 x 51 cm
Dimensions 244 x 51 cm Sturdy metal frame with PVC side walls Easy to assemble Quality guaranteed by Intex
INTEX Wild Geometry Pool 66" x 15"
66" x 15" (1.68m x 38cm) Inflated. 9ga (0.23mm) rings. 7ga (0.18mm) floor. Capacity 11.5" (29cm) of wall height 154 gals (581L). Repair patch. Shelf box 6ea 28.6 lb (13.0 KG)
INTEX Coral Reef Snapset Pool 96 x 15 inches
Approximate set-up size. 8' x 1'6" (2.44m x 46cm) Capacity 17.5"(44cm) of wall height 539 gal (2040L). Repair patch. Shelf box 4ea, 37.8 lb (17.2 KG)
INTEX Ocean Play Snap Set Pool 72" x 15"
Approximate set up size 6' x 1'3" (1.83m x 38cm) Capacity 14.5" (37cm) of wall height 253 gal (958L) Repair patch. Shelf box 6ea, 305 lb (13.9 KG)
INTEX Snapset Pool 60" x 10"
Approximate set-up size 152cms x 25cms Water capacity 450 Litres
Intex Snapset Pool 58477 4" x 10"
An excellent first paddling pool with duck/duckling design. Perfect for use in the garden. The approximate size when set up is 1.22m diameter x 25cm height. (4' x 10"). Set up instructions and convenient repair patch included. Firmly attached sturdy...
INTEX Swim Center Family Pool
103" L x 69" W x 22" H (2.62m x 1.75m x 56cm) Inflated 13ga (0.32mm) vinyl. 2 Air Chambers Each With Combo Valve For Quick Inflation And Deflation. Capacity 14" (36cm) of Wall Height 203 gal (770 Litres). Drain...
INTEX Swim Center Clear View Aquarium Pool
62.5" L x 62.5" W X 19.5" H (1.59m x 1.59m x 50cm) Inflated. 12ga (0.30mm) vinyl. Capacity 11" (28cm) of wall height 90 gal (340L). Drain plug. Repair patch. Shelf box 3ea, 24.7 lb (11.2 KG)
INTEX Soft Side Pool 74" X 18"
74" x 18" (1.88m x 46cm) Inflated. 10ga (0.25mm) rings 8ga (0.20mm) floor. Capacity 12" (30cm) of wall height 209 gal (790L). 3 air chambers with unique side panel construction. Drain Plug. Repair patch Shelf box 3ea,18.8 lb (8.6 KG)...
INTEX Ahoy Pirate Friends Pool
64" L x 42" W x 18" H (1.63 x 1.07m x 1.07m x 46cm) Inflated. Durable 12ga (030mm) vinyl. Capacity 11" (28cm) of wall height 61 gal (230L). New underwater Pirate Friend graphics. 3 aqua transparent rings. Drain plug....
Intex Play Box Pool 57100
Size: 33.5"L x 33.5"W x 9"H (85cm x 85cm x 23cm) Soft inflatable floor for comfort Water capacity at 7" of wall height 15gals (57L) A heavy-duty repair patch is included just in case of accidents!
INTEX Sunset Glow Pool 66" x 18"
Ideal for use in the garden, these paddling pools are a great way to introduce your child to swimming On a hot summer's day, your children will love splashing around and cooling down in this pool 4 air chambers with...
INTEX Sunset Glow Pool 58" x 13"
58" x 13" ( 1.47m x 33cm) Inflated. 8ga (0.20mm) Rings 7ga (0.18mm) Floor. 3 Rings Soft Inflatable Floor. Capacity 9.5" (24cm) of Wall Height 73 gal (275L), Repair Patch. Shelf Box, 6ea, 23.3 lb (10.6 KG)
Intex Recreation Stargaze Tube 59256
Intex Recreation Stargaze Tube 59256 . 36" (91m) diameter . 9ga (0.23mm) vinyl . Bright star patterns . Clear top . Purple, pink and blue bottom . 2 heavy duty handles for added stability
INTEX Lively Rrint Swim Ring 20"
20" (51cm) diameter 7 ga (0.18mm) Realistc Starfish Fish, and Circle sesigns Modern clear top 36 ea, asst, 8.3 lb (3.8 kg)

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