Deli E39768 2 Hole Sharpener
Translucent canister design to see capacity and remove pencil scraps For both regular and jumbo size pencil Sharp blade to ensure smooth sharpening Precise blade position avoids lead breaking
Deli ER01201 1 Hole Adjustable Sharpener
Specification 35×45×12mm, Material ABS + PS Steel Packaging 1pcs/bister card Spec. 1 For standard pencil and color pencil Spec. 2 Canisterincluded
Ice Snow Dual Whole Sharpener
Ice Snow Style Dual Holes Brand New and High Quality Suitable for Pencil, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow Pencil, etc
Lyra Groove Twin Hole Sharpener
The ergonomic Groove Sharpener is suitable for 8 to 11mm pencils. With plastic twin-hole sharpening to suit round, triangular and hexagonal pencils and a container for shavings. Colors may vary and depend on availability. Single Piece Price.
Deli Aluminium Two Hole Sharpener 39762
Aluminum alloy, concise style Sharp blade Two-hole design for a different-sized pencil
Deli 2-Hole Cup Sharpener E0551
Apps + steel Two-hole for standard pencil ? 8 mm and jumbo size pencil? 12mm Canister included Translucent canister design Sharp blade to ensure smooth sharpening For 2 sharpen angles
Deli Pop 2 Hole Sharpener ER00300
DELI ER00300 2-HOLE SHARPENER Single Piece Price 8mm-12mm 2 Holes Avoid Lead Breaking
Deli Rotary Pencil Sharpener Adjustable Classic E0620B
High-quality long-lasting steel blade Extra sharp blade to ensure smooth sharpening Accurate die-casting construction avoids lead breaking All metal shell provides extra durability Desk bracket for one-hand operation Anti-slip base For graphite pencil 7mm 125x73x132mm ABS shell, zinc alloy, steel...
Deli E0518 Rotary Pencil Sharpener Panda Shape
Smooth & Effortless Sharpening Premium quality long-lasting steel blade for better sharpening performance; rotary handle for effortless usage Funny Shape Panda shape with rotary handle design, effortless to use, perfect for kids as a gift Non-skid Feet Stable stand on...
Deli E0739 Rotary Pencil Sharpener
Deli E0739 Rotary Pencil Sharpener
Deli Rotary Pencil Sharpener E0642
Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.3 x 8.1, Manufacturer reference: Deli E0642, High quality steel rotary blade for easy and precise sharpening.
Deli Rotary Pencil Sharpener Fruit Shape E0671
Model: E0671 Brand: Deli Color: Green, White, Yellow, Red
Deli POP Sharpener R00102 Pack of 3
Deli R00102 Pop! Pencil Sharpener 3 Pcs Set. Easy grip Shape design; High quality long-lasting steel blade; Extra Sharp blade for smooth sharpening; Precise blade position avoids lead breaking; Pencil Diameter: 1 hole for pencil 8mm. Smooth Sharpening Avoid Lead...
Deli Metal Single Hole Sharpener 39761
Specification; 25* 14.5* 10mm, 5gram/pcs. Material; Aluminum alloy + Steel. Pencil Diameter; 1 hole for pencil φ7mm. Color; Silver.
Deli Rotary Pencil Sharpener E0736
Deli (No: 0736) Sharpener - MANUAL. Hand-cranked pencil sharpener. One-hand, easy-turn. Convenient removable shaving draw. Color: Yellow, Pink, White and Blue Rubber base Anti-slip stability. Quality table sharpener with cutter. Automatic chuck for holding pens and transparent tray trimmings.
Stabilo Exam Grade Sharpener 4518 Single Piece
Premium quality for first-class performance for sharpening Convenient small size The durable, anti-rust-treated blade leaves your pencil with a sharp point every time No Mess - perfect for use in schools and during exams. Flip-top lid prevents chips from spilling...
Deli Cola Rotary Sharpener 0732
Brand: Deli Type: Sharpener Product Code: 0732 Best Quality Sharpener Note: Random Color And Design Will Be Send You.
M+R Brass Single Hole Sharpener
Mobius + Ruppert brass pencil sharpener Unique design Brass single hole pencil sharpener Sharpens up to 8.2mm pencils Ideal for graphite, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils Small and compact a great addition to your art box

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