Cretacolor Artists Sharpener Single Piece
Our Artists Sharpener makes working with Artists and Pastel Pencils (Sanguine, Sepia, Charcoal, White and Black Chalk Pastel, Fine Art Pastel) an absolute pleasure. Well-sharpened points are essential for achieving fine lines and working details. Sharpener, black plastic, 20 pcs....
Cretacolor White Charcoal Pastel Pencil
Available In Medium  Artist Grade Pencils Made In Austria Recommended to sharp with special charcoal pencil sharpener Single Piece Price.
Cretacolor Kneaded Eraser
This extra-soft kneadable eraser is an indispensable tool when working with Pastel, Charcoal, or Graphite products. It absorbs the chalk dust by blotting and wiping the surface, without damaging the drawing paper. Simply remove rubbings from the eraser when necessary....
Cretacolor Calligraphy Nibs Set of 5 Pcs
The Nibs are categorized in the following types: Fine writing nib Ornamental nib Poster nib Square-cut nib Italic nib Brand: Cretacolor Made In Austria.
Cretacolor Calligraphy Ink 30ml
Traditional, intense black ink for the finest handwriting. Lightfast, permanent, and with a slightly glossy finish. Ideally suited for brush and nib work.
Cretacolor Fine Art Graphite Pencils Set
Premium-quality professionally graded graphite pencils create rich, velvety smooth laydown in a range of textures Pencils sharpen to a strong point, producing a scratchless, glossy line in any weight for fine art and technical drawing Great for sketching, and illustrations...
from Rs.1,300
Cretacolor Pencil Extender Holder
Used for lengthening or enhancing your favorite pencil, this striking pencil extender comes in a hand-designed silver and white marble pattern and is fitted with a metal clamp for holding the pencil firmly. It is especially suited for the Monolith...
Cretacolor Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser
Synthetic gum eraser that has a high capacity of absorption of charcoal, graphite and dry artist material. Easy erasing without exerting pressure on the surface of the paper, forming soft crumbs. For erasing or smudging strokes of charcoal drawings
Cretacolor Artino Drawing Set of 10Pcs
Artists quality with full pigmentation and a high lightfastness rating. Excellent for blending and mixed media. Great set for drawing students and beginners. Cretacolor Artino Drawing Set of 10 Pcs In Tin Box. The Artino Drawing Set contains: 1 graphite...
Cretacolor Watercolor Graphite Pencils Set Of 6 Pcs
High quality water-soluble fine art graphite pencils with color accent, rich and soft stroke, for strong watercolor highlights in graphite drawings Techniques: spraying, watercolor highlights in graphite, Mixed Media – dry and wet
Cretacolor Black & White Charcoal Wolf Drawing Set 25 Pcs
The new 25-piece black and white drawing set contains white pastel and charcoal products for sketching and drawing. Contents: White Pastels Artist Sticks Hard Pastels Nero Sticks Sketching Charcoal Compressed Charcoal Fine Art Pastel Pencils (chromium yellow, ochre light) Sharpener...
Cretacolor Battery Operated Eraser
The battery-operated eraser guarantees precise and fast erasing and is economical and easy to use. The eraser refines marks and amends small areas in drawings. The long-lasting erasers are easy to replace. Batteries are required for operation (not included).
Cretacolor Artist’s Drawing Accessories Blending 9 Pcs Set
The Cretacolor Artist's Drawing Accessories Set contains all the tools you need to start experimenting with blending and shading pastels, charcoal, and graphite from Cretacolor's range or any other. The Artist's Drawing Accessories Set is an excellent-value set of tools...
Cretacolor Megacolor Pencils In Tin Box Set
Extra thick 6.4mm lead that is perfect for coloring large surfaces. Excellent for blending and layering each pencil is soft and rich in color with a slightly waxy stroke. Smoother and thicker than traditional colored pencils so it lasts 3...
from Rs.3,500
Cretacolor Calligraphy Set 7 pcs
The set contains a nib holder in marbled design with special clamp-ever mechanism, a bottle of calligraphy ink and 5 different nibs (fine writing nib, ornament nib, poster nib, square-cut nib, italic nib).
Cretacolor Passion Wooden Box Sketching and Drawing Set Of 25 Piece
Cretacolor Passion Box 25-piece Sketching and Drawing Set Presented In An Exclusive Wooden Case. Content:– Charcoal Pencils soft/medium– Nero Pencil soft– Black Pastel Pencil Medium– Sepia Pencils light/dark– Sanguine Pencils oil/dry– White Pastel Pencil medium– Artists’ leads Charcoal medium/White Pastel...
Cretacolor Woodless Graphite Pencils Set 11 Pcs
Cretacolor Woodless Graphite Pencils Set of 11 Pcs in a metal box.Contents: 6 woodless graphite pencils (HB, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b & 9b) 1 graphite water-soluble woodless pencil (4b) 1 pencil holder with cap 1 kneaded eraser and a metal...
Cretacolor Oil Pencils Drawing Set Of 6 Pcs
This set comprises an assortment of permanent, oil-based artists’ pencils suitable for drawing and sketching. Content:  White Chalk Sanguine Sepia light Sepia dark Nero soft Extra soft
Cretacolor Marino Water Soluble Color Pencils Set
This Fine Art Quality Watercolor Pencil captivates by its brilliant colors, soft stroke, and highest lightfastness ratings. Its true distinction reveals itself, however, when dissolved with water: clear lines flow into smooth transitions to produce stunning watercolor washes. The colors...
from Rs.2,750
Cretacolor Marble Polish Wooden Nib Holder
Nib holders with clamp-lever mechanism for easy handling: open lever, insert nib, close lever. Ideal for holding standard size nibs. Brand: Cretacolor Made In Austria
Cretacolor The Brilliants Metallic Color Pencils Tin Box Of 12 Pcs
The Brilliants Mega Color Metallic Drawing Set 12 highly pigmented “JUMBO” metallic colors for sparkling accents and opaque coloring, especially on dark surfaces, extra thick diameter of lead 6.4 mm, soft, rich and slightly waxy stroke Techniques: mix and paint...
Cretacolor Silver Tin Graphite Drawing Set Of 15 Pcs
15-piece Graphite and Drawing Set presented in a tin box. Content:  4 Fine Art Graphite Pencils 2H/HB/2B/4B 3 Monolith Graphite Pencils 2B/6B/9B 3 Graphite Sticks 7 x 7 mm 2B/4B/6B 2 Graphite Sticks 7 x 14 mm 4B/6B 1 Monolith...
Cretacolor Artist Studio Calligraphy Set Of 7 Pcs
It includes elegant nib holder including protective cap, 3 front pieces (nib widths 1.1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.3 mm), 2 ink cartridges (black) Usage: Calligraphy, handwriting, creative writing Brand: Cretacolor Made In Austria  
Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils Set - 12 Color
from Rs.3,150
Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils Set - 12 Color
These Fine Art Pastel Pencils are perfect for fine detailed work. Their rich pigmentation and high degree of lightfastness guarantee brilliant results. The colors have a powdery texture and can be blended with one another, smudged or dissolved with water....
from Rs.3,150

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