Giotto Round Taklon Art Brushes
Synthetic fiber brush for all painting techniques. With a soft and supple round tip, no loss of hairs, excellent absorbency and high color retention. Ideal for painting details or for smooth coverage. Dark blue coated handle with metal ferrule. Ideal...
from Rs.175
Giotto Non Dry-able Modelling Clay 16 Shades - Light Green
  • + 12
Giotto Non Dry-able Modelling Clay 16 Shades - Light Green
It's the latest generation of plasticine, soft and easy to work, ideal for kindergartens and younger primary school children. Gluten-free, it can also be used in complete safety by coeliac sufferers. Ideal for making small objects, the modeling dough is...
  • + 12
Giotto Turbo Color Drawing Marker Sets
When you need to color, Giotto Turbo Color pens never let you down! Created using harmless, washable inks, they come with a fine fiber tip that is super tough and durable and will never retract. Available in 12 24 36...
from Rs.420
Giotto Colors Pencils 3.0
Discover the vibrant colours of these pencils ideal for school, made from FSC certified wood from well-managed forests and with a strong 3 mm lead. Format: Box of 6, 12, 24 pieces
from Rs.420
Giotto Happy Gomma Eraser Jumbo Size Single Piece
The highly colorful eraser in the shape of a Giotto pencil. Made to erase graphite, it fits pencil cases perfectly and is certainly eye-catching. Imported from Italy Item No. F233800
Giotto Turbo Glitter Color Marker Set Of 8 Pcs
These pens are the ideal way to create sparkly drawings. Practical, fun, and original they are perfect for decorating greetings cards, customizing your diary, or adding an original touch to exercise books. The special glitter inks come in 16 different...
Giotto Turbo Giant Fluorescent Color Markers Set Of 6 Piece
Giotto Turbo Giant: the conical tip marker for a fine and extra-wide stroke in 6 fluorescent colors (yellow, green, orange, fuchsia, light blue, and lilac). With safety cap, ventilated cap, and easy-washable water-based ink. These are washable markers with 2mm...
Rs.945 Rs.850
Giotto 3.0 Aquarelle Color Pencils Set
These Giotto Coloured Pencils come in a pack of 12, 24, 36 so you can draw in various colours. Each pencil contains 3.0 mm lead for bold lines when creating your next work of art. Each pencil contains 3 mm...
from Rs.600
Giotto Magic Lettering Color Marker Pack Of 8pcs
GIOTTO Magic Lettering Color Marker This special GIOTTO felt tip pens are ideal for writing, customizing, decoring thanks to the resistant tip for experience and invent fine or thick lines and approching the hand lettering tecnique. Format: Pack of 8 pieces...
Giotto Turbo Maxi Color Drawing Marker Set
Easy to hold, giant-format Giotto Turbo Maxi pens have an extra-large 5 mm tip for turbo-powered drawings! The anti-retraction fiber tip is extra tough and long-lasting, and the inks are completely safe and easily washable from hands or fabrics. They...
from Rs.830
Giotto Cera Bicolor Crayons Set Of 12
Double colour wax crayons, smooth and with rich and intense colours, ideal for all techniques and surfaces.

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