Lyra Plastic Sharpener 7301160
Lyra one Hole Pencil Sharpeners are designed to sharpen slim barrel and Lyra Color Giants, Super Ferby, and Ferby triangular barrel pencils. The One-Hole Pencil Sharpener is available in yellow, red, green, or blue. The bulky size of the solid...
Lyra Dust Free Eraser
Small or Large. Whatever the size of your mistake, erase it without trace thanks to Lyra Dust Free vinyl erasers. Single Piece Price.
from Rs.60
Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Watercolor Brush Markers - Apple Green 070
  • + 32
Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Watercolor Brush Markers - Apple Green 070
For Professionals Fibre Tip Pens These are double tip WATERCOLOR brush markers. One side is the brush tip & the other side is marker tip. Available in 36 colors in loose (See shade Card) Brand: LYRA (Germany)
  • + 32
Lyra Slim Groove Hb Lead Pencil Single Piece
This ergonomic graphite pencil with a triangular shape is easy to hold, naturally preventing your fingers from slipping. There's also space for writing your name. HB lead, ideal for writing and drawing. Hard to break and very long-lasting. Pencils come...
Lyra Groove Twin Hole Sharpener
The ergonomic Groove Sharpener is suitable for 8 to 11mm pencils. With plastic twin-hole sharpening to suit round, triangular and hexagonal pencils and a container for shavings. Random Color will be sent Brand: LYRA (Germany) Single Piece Price.
Lyra Mechanical Pencils 2mm
It's a plastic mechanical pencil with integrated lead and with a metal tip and clip. Precision writing guaranteed thanks to the built-in lead sharpener. Single mechanical pencil Item No. L1027420
Lyra Rembrandt Splender Blending Pencil Single Piece
The Rembrandt Splender is extraordinary. It is a colourless pencil for burnishing and blending coloured wax or watercolour pencils (used dry). The Splender blends & burnishes to a sheen which has the effect of saturating colours, creating a dense glossy...
Lyra High Quality Art Pen Tin Sets
Metal boxes in various sizes, containing quality felt-tip drawing pens you can use for different types of artwork: Artistic design Drawing Sketching The tips are made from super-tough fibers, to ensure that your lines are always clean and precise. The...
from Rs.1,850
Lyra Graduate Fineliner Marker Set
The Fineliner pen has a crushproof synthetic tip, to always give you clean, precise lines. Ideal for writing, drawing, or underlining. The unique design makes it perfect for every occasion. The pens contain water-based ink and are available in 10,...
from Rs.1,600
Lyra Single Hole Sharpener Single Piece
Lyra groove plastic one-hole pencil sharpener.  Perfect for pencils and pastels up to 11 mm in diameter. For large & fat pencils With german blade Brand: Lyra (Germany)
Lyra Groove Eraser Single Piece
Lyra Groove Eraser Single Piece Ideal for office and school For pencils and coloured pencils Soft and smudge-free erasing PVC-free Random colour will be sent Imported From Germany
Lyra Water Soluble Graphite Crayons Single Piece
Sketching and background shading is now easier and more fun thanks to Lyra water-soluble graphite crayons. Available in three different grades (2B, 6B, and 9B), they're ideal for artists who take care of shading. L5630102 2B L5630106 6B L5630109 9B
Lyra Giants Skin Tone Color Pencils Set of 12
Chunky colored pencils with hexagonal shape provide a comfortable grip Extra strong colors, thanks to the highly pigmented, extra thick, break-resistant core 6.25 mm 10mm Diameter makes these easier to hold for young artists AP certified Non-Toxic Item No. 3931124
Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Markers Set
Drawi Set of double-ended felt-tip pens, for artists, designers, and enthusiasts of all ages. The two tips are very durable and will produce the same high-quality results for a long time. The tip at one end allows you to use...
from Rs.4,290
Lyra Aqua Brush Duo Water Soluble Marker Set Of 6pcs
Aqua Brush Duo Lyra is an excellent quality double-ended water-soluble marker. The fine point can be used for precision drawings, in silhouette drawing, or in the execution of contours and details.  Its second tip is wide and flexible like a brush. It...
Lyra 2mm Lead Refills Hb Pack Of 6
Lead refills for 2mm mechanical pencils in a round tube with pressure cap. Available in HB degree with 6 pcs in a tube. Made In Germany.

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