Maries Acrylic Paint Tubes 75ml - 104 -Titanium White
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Maries Acrylic Paint Tubes 75ml - 104 -Titanium White
Maries Acrylic Colors is a fine quality acrylic paint with buttery consistency at an excellent price for beginners and students. It comes in a wide range of colors to complement the painter's palette. The colors are intense and brilliant at...
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Maries Oil Color Paint Tube 50ml - 103 Chinese White
from Rs.200
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Maries Oil Color Paint Tube 50ml - 103 Chinese White
Paras Art Fever Marie's Oil Colors Paint 50ml Maries Oil is an economical range of oil paints intended for students and those begining the art of oil painting. Very economical for large canvas work. Marie's offer a superior strength of...
from Rs.200
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Maries Acrylic Paints Color Set 12 Pieces
Maries Acrylic Paints Color blend, layer and mix well to produce an array of unlimited shade for any project. Each paint has a fantastic thick consistency which will retain brush or spatula marks and give your work brilliant texture. Vivid,...
Maries Fine Quality Acrylic Paints 30ml Set 6 Pieces
Brilliant shade Good dryness and stability Excellent air permeability Strong adhesive power Good water resistance Not easy to fade Marie’s 6 Acrylic Tube Set 75ml can be used on surfaces besides canvas, such as wood, metal, fabrics, and ceramics. They are...
Maries Fabric Paints Set of 12
Maries Dope-Dyed Fiber Colours is safe and easy to use on fabric materials Up to 36 Marie's bright and vibrant colours (10ml per bottle) Excellent Marie's fabric colours brightness and contrast quality for your artwork Water and wash resistant Can be used...
Marie's Acrylic Paint Colours Set 18 Pieces
Acrylic Colour Marie's painting Colours Set 18 Pieces Quick Drying Paint Based on 100% resin Applied thickly to appears like Oil Color Applied thinly and thinned with water will obtain a watercolor effect Contain 12 or 18 acrylic color 12ml...
Marie's Gesso Primer 500ml
Gesso in 500ml jar for the preparation of surfaces to be painted. Dries rapidly and leaves a light matt surface. Can be applied on clean and non-greasy surfaces (suitable for most surfaces). Improves the adhesion of acrylic and oil paints....
Marie's Watercolor Paint Set of 24
Marie watercolor assorted 24 colors / set -12ml( 0.42 oz) / tube. Including colors: 104 Titanium White, 218 Gamboge, 242 Light Yellow, 316 Orange Yellow, 399 Vermilion, 398 Cinnabar, 400 Rouge, 302 Scarlet, 393 Peony Red, 390 Eosin, 684 Burnt...
Marie's Acrylic Color Pack Of 36 Tubes
Brilliant Shades, not easy to fade Excellent air permeability, strong adhesive power Good water-resistant Marie’s Acrylic Paint colors are a quick-drying paint based on 100% acrylic resin. When applying acrylic colors thinly and/or thinned with water, a watercolor effect can be...
Maries Acrylic Paint Pack Of 24 Tubes
Brilliant Shades, not easy to fade. Excellent air permeability, strong adhesive power. Good water-resistant 24pcs pack Premium quality A range of modern and traditional colors Superior pigment for beginners and professional artists The colors are great for organizing colors, handling out the...
Maries Oil Colour Set 12 Pieces
Marie’s Oil Colours are manufactured by our engineers according to artists’ need and international standard. They are regarded as the excellent products by experts. Marie’s Oil Colours select and adopt the most permanent pigments, the best refined botanic oil, mixed and...
Maries Art Kneadable Eraser
Marie’s kneadable eraser 24pcs/box. Easy to use removing sketches and pencil writing. Especially makes for arts and craft students. 24pcs in box. Adorable Products. Best Eraser For Artists.
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Maries Charcoal Pencil Single Piece
Marie's Charcoal Pencils offer the finest quality of charcoal pencil, offering smooth delivery of thick, pure charcoal black color Available in three different grades: Soft, Medium and Hard These high-quality charcoal pencils will please everyone from the beginning artist to...
Maries Oil Paint 12ml Pack Of 18Pcs
This superb quality oil color is made only of the finest pigments in high concentration to yield rich, brilliant and permanent results. All colors are lightfast and conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. Set of 18 - Includes eighteen 12 ml...
Marie’s Art Sketch & Drawing Pencils Pack Of 12
Easy to use in drawing and painting, especially making for arts & craft students. 12 pcs in a box. Pencil B, HB, 2b, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B.
MARIES Oil Painting Color 12ml 24Pcs
Marie’s 24 Oil Colors, Easy to use & reliable, This set includes twenty-four 12 ml tubes that are arranged in a lovely cardboard presentation box suitable for gift giving. Colors include: White Lemon Yellow Yellow Mid Yellow Deep Yellow Ochre...
Marie’s Willow Charcoal Stick Box
Easy to use in sketches and paintings, especially making for arts & craft students. 1box. 25 pcs in box. Color: black.
Marie’s WaterColor Set of 18
Marie’s Extra Fine Watercolor Set of 18,12 ml Tubes This superb watercolor is made with only the finest pigments in high concentration with the finest binder to perform flawlessly to achieve brilliant and lightfast results. These sets live up to...

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