Mermaid Shiny Gel Pen
Brand Name: TSC StationeryWriting Point: 0.5mmGel Pen's Ink Type: Blue Gel-Ink 019-1 Price is of one single item and Random Color will be sent
Winsor Newton Galeria Acrylic Color 60ml Set Of 10
High quality Acrylic which delivers professional results Ideal for artists who want good quality color at an affordable price These acrylics can be used on a variety of surfaces and can be used directly from the tube, diluted, or mixed...
Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Colour 21ml Set Of 10
This introductory set contains a larger selection of 10 x 21ml tubes of Artists’ Oil Colour. Includes Winsor Yellow, Crimson Alizarine, Green Ultramarine Hue, Winsor Blue (Red Hue), Winsor Green, Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, Titanium White....
Winsor Newton Dammar Varnish Spray 150ml
Professional Dammar Varnish; 150 ML; Varnish Pale Yellow varnish which dries to a high gloss finish For use on oil paintings; Tends to darken with aging Removable with Distilled Turpentine Do not use until painting is completely dry (6-12 months)...
Winsor Newton Artists Oil Painting Medium 75ml
Winsor & newton artists painting medium reduces consistency and improves flow and is resistant to yellowing A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks Suitable for oiling...
Winsor Newton Artist Picture Cleaner 75ml - Oil Painting Medium
A natural resin/oil emulsion containing ammonia designed for cleaning varnished paintings It works by dissolving linseed oil oxidation and will remove surface dirt and the products of oxidation in the old varnish Note that a picture that needs to have...
Winsor Newton Cotman Short Handle Synthetic Brush Series 111
Round bellied pointed brush best for use with watercolor – for fine detail, lines, and washes. Made of fine quality blended synthetic fibers of differing thicknesses. Soft filaments with good flow control, excellent spring, point, and color carrying capacity. Strong,...
from Rs.675
Winsor Newton Cotman Filbert Brushes Series 668
Flat shape brush with oval tip best for use with watercolor - for broad marks with a soft edge. Made of fine quality blended synthetic fibers of differing thicknesses. Soft filaments with good flow control, excellent spring, point, and color...
from Rs.695
Winsor Newton Watercolour Lightweight Sketchers Box 24 Half Pans
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors offer artists the widest and most balanced choice of pigments with the greatest possible permanence. These paints have brilliance, transparency, and purity of color unparalleled by any other watercolor. – Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor...
Winsor Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint Set 10Pcs
Specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oil color Ideal for artists who share a workspace, schools or painting at home Includes Lemon Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Red Deep Hue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue Hue,...
Winsor Newton Acrylic Medium Painting Slow Drying 250ml
Slows the drying time of acrylic color to give more working time for extended blending and manipulation A ratio of 1:1 color to additive volume doubles the drying time Maintains color viscosity and has no effect on the finished color...

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