8 Benefits Of Oil Painting Kits For Beginners


Oil paints are the type of paint which contain oil in its manufacturing. The colour of these paints will be shinny and more flexible while using on canvas or walls. There are many benefits to using oils paints. Few of them are mentioned below:

Perfect finishing

As we all know that the oil paints take more time as compare to other paints in drying. Many people think it is the disadvantage but this is a misconception. You can compare the finishing of oil paints with other types of paints. The results are completely astonishing after drying. The time it is taking for drying is not wasting. It is focusing on providing the perfect finish to the painters.

Exposing to air

Other paints are very much exposed to air therefore they dry out quickly. But in that instance, the paint may carry several types of particle from the air which just eliminate its beauty. But when we talk about the best oil paints results, it is not easily exposed to air and take a long time in drying. Due to that reason, the paint is not exposed to the air and never allow dust particles to decrease its perfection.

Edge for artists

When artists are using professional oil painting set, they can produce better paintings as compared to watercolours. Oil paints are very easy to apply and it provides you with the exceptional edge in regards to painting with ease.

Wide variety

Oil painting is wide in range and variety as compared to watercolours. The artists can use all the colours to make their paintings more attractive. Further, the effect of paintings is just like the real thing. The colours are sharper and very much near to real. One more thing to notice is that you can tune the shade according to your choice easily. You can get the lighter shade in oil paint and also the darker shades in all the colours. So, when you are looking for the effective colour results on the painting, choose oil paints.

Better strength

The oil paint has better strength and the results are long-lasting. The water paints are usually fragile whereas the oil paints are dark and sharp. Further, the results are perfect to make all the viewers happy.

Edge for beginners

When someone is learning the painting, it is very beneficial for them to buy the best oil painting kit for beginners from a professional company. it is the perfect way to learn new techniques for painting easily because dealing with oil paints is easier as compared to watercolours. The painter can paint anything without any kind of frame and boundary.


The painting never destroys when it exposes to water as oil paints are water-resistant. Whereas when you are painting with watercolours, your painting will destroy immediately if it will in contact with water.

It is very heart-breaking especially if you are in the learning phase, therefore, always consider to purchase the best oil painting supplies for beginners from a professional online store. 

Less colour used

The water colours are thin and you must have to paint twice or thrice to make it perfect. But when you are using oil paints, the one coat is enough.

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